Things Found on the Ground / Funny Valentine

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(Funny Valentine – short film preceding feature, see detail below)

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Things Found on the Ground
No matter where they are in life, people will always have value


Things Found on the GroundCategory: Comedy, Drama
Country:  U.S.
Language:  English
Rating:  PG-13
Runtime:  64 min.
Director:  Carol Brandt
Producer:  Jon Elliott

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This story is about relationships crumbling, rebuilding themselves, and ultimately being tested. Jane Murray was raised in a very conservative home, especially after her father stopped drinking and found God. However, now her father won’t even look at them, much less pay attention to anything in their lives.

That is, until Jane’s older sister Shelly gets pregnant with her boyfriend. The Murray family must then learn how to deal with Shelly’s situation, and ironically, how to be understanding and caring throughout.

This journey of acceptance makes itself known in other aspects of Jane’s life. As her best friend from elementary school starts going down a different path than Jane, and as Jane discovers her true feelings for her long-time friend and subconscious crush, Ethan, Jane learns that ultimately, people are imperfect, and will disappoint you, and that’s okay. Throughout the film, Jane finds things on the ground, something she has done since she was a kid.

Similar to the little trinkets she keeps in a box, Jane has a hard time letting go of not only her own issues, but the issues belonging to others as well. The more she picks up, however, the more she realizes that you can’t hold onto everything. It gets heavy after a while.

Funny Valentine

Funny Valentine

(short film to be screen before feature film)

Category: Romance, Drama
Country:  U.S.
Language:  English
Rating:  R
Runtime:  23 min.
Director: Andrew Tolstedt
Producer:  Matt Wakeling

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Funny Valentine is the story of Evan and Erika. They are in love and over the course of the film we’re gonna find out what that means. It’s not always right, but it’s always there.  A messy kind of love.

Funny Valentine follows them through college and works like snapshots of important moments where love happens through drinking and playing and making mistakes.  Love happens at bars and on couches.  Evan and Erika get themselves into trouble.

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