The Wayward Sun

Sat Feb 15, 2014 –  2:00 pm — My Apartment  Tickets

The Wayward Sun

Wayward SunCategory: Drama, Thriller
Country:  U.S.
Language:  English
Rating:  PG-13
Runtime:  91 min.
Director:  Jozef K. Richards
Producer:  Jozef K. Richards

Filmmaker Attending



A young woman named Wren finds herself lost in the desert after she and her two druggy friends flip their jeep in a remote part of Mexico. In their attempt to reach the nearest town by way of the desert, a symbolic journey unfolds as Wren begins to hallucinate, envisioning Death is stalking her in various forms: as a demon and an enchantress.

NOTE:  Synopsis are typically provided directly by the filmmaker themselves. Often English is not their first language. We ask reader’s understanding for less-than-perfect language and grammar