Raven's Hollow

Triple Feature 1

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  • Fractured Minds
  • Pure Evil
  • Raven’s Hollow

Fractured MindsFractured Minds

Genre: Horror
Country: USA
Rating: R
Runtime:  28 minutes
Director: Frank  Battiston
Producer: Frank  Battiston, Rene Fornari, Kevin Walton, Jose Jacho, Terrence Lee


A couple hits the road for a weekend getaway, hoping to restore their malfunctioning marriage. On their way they belief that this is the weekend that they will get to enjoy each other without interruptions. Their hope, however, turns into despair when the most desired getaway soon becomes a fight for survival as the couple is taken hostage by a psychotic serial killer.

However, they are not alone in this nightmare but they will soon find out that this can easily change. Now more than ever, they will require each other’s strength and love to find a way to escape.

Pure EvilPure Evil



Genre: Horror
Country: USA
Rating: R-MA
Runtime:  23 minutes
Director: Mark Bauer
Producer: John Stevenson, Carlos Miranda, Jesse Beleck, Carole Robards

Reverend John Cole is a beloved man. By his wife, his children, his congregation. But he has a secret. Once a week, every week, he locks himself in the basement. Nobody else is ever allowed to go down there. What is John doing? What is he hiding? Today, his 12-year-old son Jake has decided to find out.

Raven's Hollow Raven’s Hollow

Genre: Horror, Animation
Country: USA
Rating: PG-13
Runtime:  11 minutes
Director: Colin Clarke
Producer: Colin Clarke

On Halloween night, a rural ghost story comes true… Billy, his sister Lisa, and her boyfriend Mike, spend a night at the drive-in after trick or treating on Halloween. When Billy threatens to walk home through an old cornfield, Mike tells him a legend of Old Farmer Blood, who is said to have seeded his field with the blood of murder victims. When Billy disbelieves, Mike leads the trio into a nightmare of unrelenting terror.