When The King Tilts

When The King Tilts

When the King Tilts
Category: Comedy, Drama
Country:  U.S.
Language:  English
Rating:  PG-13
Runtime:  77 min.
Director:  Drew Britton
Producer: Drew Britton, Logan Lark

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Two women arrive unannounced at a quaint bed and breakfast in hopes of finding a location for next year’s family reunion. The two best friends are greeted by Sam, the owner, informing them he’s closed for the season. Using their wit, Carol and J.L. convince Sam to stay open a day or two longer, just for them. While getting to know each other Sam expresses his distaste for previous guests who constantly talk about themselves and their pasts. Carol empathizes with Sam’s weariness and quickly agrees not to talk about herself. Meanwhile, J.L. becomes more and more frustrated with Sam’s guarded personality and secretive life. A whirlwind of hostility, manipulation, and discomfort kicks-up as J.L. begins to suspect her best friend forming an inappropriate bond with Sam.

Through insight and humor, ‘When The King Tilts’ explores obscure hidden corners of the human psyche, namely the many different ways we react when faced with the unknown. Making use of a small handful of characters in a picturesque setting, the film presents a complex conflict spiraling out of control not because of something somebody said, but because of someone saying nothing.

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