It Is What It Is

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  • BeatBoxing – The Fifth Element of Hip Hop
  • It Is What It Is

Beatboxing: The Fifth Element of Hip Hop

BeatBoxing – The Fifth Element of Hip Hop


Genre: Documentary
Country: USA
Rating: PG
Runtime:  55 minutes
Director: Klaus Schneyder
Producer: Angela Viscido



Beatboxing has become a multi-lingual and diverse instrument applied in all genres of music.  The documentary shows how this modern style of music has spread and how it continues to enrich the entertainment world.

It is What it isIt Is What It Is


Genre: Musical, Comedy
Country: USA
Rating: PG
Runtime:  40 minutes
Director: VP Boyle
Producer: VP Boyle, Andrew Gerle

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A modern day contemporary movie musical with a completely original score, IT IS WHAT IT IS explores the lives of seven young New Yorkers during a twenty-four hour period of near misses, tattered relationships and crumbling dreams.

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