Double Feature 2

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  • Redemption Inc.
  • Bright

Redemption, Inc Redemption Inc.


Genre: Drama, Mystery
Country: USA
Rating: PG
Runtime:  30 minutes
Director: K. Adithya Ashok
Producer: K. Adithya Ashok


Evan Freeman is a charming self-help speaker for a questionable organization which offers self-help classes to the masses. But instead of helping people solve their problems, Evan exploits them for their personal wealth. He crumbles under the weight of his guilt and decides to do the right thing, even if it means betraying the core values of the organization he represents.

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Genre: Drama
Country: USA
Rating: PG
Runtime:  40 minutes
Director: Benjamin Busch
Producer: Benjamin Busch


A blind man must guide a quirky young man through a desparate fear.

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