Film Index | 2013

BIFF Film Index | 2013

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Film NameFestival CategoryFilm TypeFilmmaker(s)
Award...Info and
50 Year Old FreshmanDouble Feature 6DocumentaryYES!Click Here
After LuciaFeatureBIFF LatinoClick Here
America's DarlingDocumentaryDocumentaryYES!Click Here
The AngstShort Slot 4DramaClick Here
Anyone Out ThereFeatureComedyYES!Click Here
AzoomaFeatureDramaYES!Click Here
Because It's SmallShort Slot 2FamilyYES!Click Here
Beneath the BlindfoldDocumentaryDocumentaryClick Here
Big Noise - TheFeatureComedyClick Here
Black NoiseFeatureDramaYES!Click Here
Black SandBIFF for the DeafBIFF ASL FilmClick Here
bona noxShort Slot 5DramaClick Here
BottleShort Slot 1DramaClick Here
BounceShort Slot 3AlternativeClick Here
BrightwoodShort Slot 6DramaYES!Click Here
Bringing King to ChinaDocumentaryDocumentaryClick Here
Busker's BountyFeatureComedyYES!Click Here
CastingShort Slot 5AlternativeClick Here
CatCamShort Slot 1educationalClick Here
Cherry WavesShort Slot 7DramaClick Here
Code of the WestDocumentaryDocumentaryClick Here
Colors of Evil - TheShort Slot 2AnimationClick Here
Comeback, WI Beer MovieDocumentaryDocumentaryYES!Click Here
ConfineFeatureDramaYES!Click Here
CongratulationsFeatureDramaClick Here
Consider the ConversationFeatureDocumentaryYES!Click Here
CrackedShort Slot 1ExperimentalYES!Click Here
DAR HE:FeatureDramaClick Here
Days of SantiagoFeatureBIFF LatinoClick Here
Delusions of GrandeurFeatureDramaYES!Click Here
Deserved LessonFeatureHorrorClick Here
Dislecksia: The MovieDocumentaryDocumentaryClick Here
DistanceShort Slot 5ComedyClick Here
Duck Hunter - TheFeatureDramaYES!Click Here
EllaShort Slot 4AnimationClick Here
Empty Nest - TheTriple Feature 4ComedyClick Here
End of the Road - TheDouble Feature 1DocumentaryClick Here
Extraction - TheShort Slot 4DramaYES!Click Here
Fambul TokDocumentaryDocumentaryClick Here
Find the WayFeatureComedyClick Here
Finding John SmithFeatureComedyClick Here
Fourth World - TheDouble Feature 5DocumentaryClick Here
Fuzz Track CityFeatureComedyYES!Click Here
Glitter DustDocumentaryDocumentaryYES!Click Here
Global TidesShort Slot 2WomenClick Here
Goodbye Cruel WorldShort Slot 7ComedyClick Here
House, A Home - AShort Slot 3RomanceClick Here
Human Factor - TheDouble Feature 1DramaClick Here
In Our HandsTriple Feature 2DramaClick Here
Into The WakeFeatureDramaClick Here
Invisible Men - TheDocumentaryDocumentaryClick Here
Just Like MeShort Slot 5DramaClick Here
Kaloo SchoolShort Slot 1DocumentaryClick Here
La Mirada PerdidaShort Slot 6n/aClick Here
LandscapeShort Slot 7AlternativeClick Here
Last Stop: SalvationFeatureComedyClick Here
Left Bank BooksellerDouble Feature 4DramaYES!Click Here
LIFELESSTriple Feature 3ComedyClick Here
LiftedShort Slot 3DramaClick Here
Like The WaterFeatureDramaClick Here
Little RedFeatureDramaYES!Click Here
Love TownFeaturen/aYES!Click Here
LovesuckTriple Feature 2DramaYES!Click Here
LuminarisShort Slot 1AnimationClick Here
Man with all the Marbles - TheShort Slot 5DramaClick Here
Megumi's WorkoutShort Slot 2ComedyYES!Click Here
Memento MoriShort Slot 3DramaYES!Click Here
Memoirs of a ScatterbrainDouble Feature 4DocumentaryClick Here
MiloShort Slot 1DramaClick Here
Mine is MineTriple Feature 4ComedyClick Here
Miracles on Honey Bee Hill - TheTriple Feature 3ComedyYES!Click Here
Missed ConnectionsShort Slot 4ComedyYES!Click Here
Much Ado About KnottingDouble Feature 7DocumentaryClick Here
My Friend ErhanShort Slot 3DramaYES!Click Here
My Way HomeDouble Feature 2DocumentaryClick Here
Naked Gun - TheClassic MovieComedyYES!Click Here
NoShort Slot 6n/aClick Here
NoonerShort Slot 2DramaYES!Click Here
Nowhere To GoShort Slot 6DramaClick Here
Old AngelShort Slot 1AnimationClick Here
Old Country LullabyShort Slot 1DramaClick Here
Old GrowthDouble Feature 2DramaYES!Click Here
On The VergeFeatureComedyYES!Click Here
Oscar VShort Slot 5ComedyClick Here
Passing The BatonDocumentaryDocumentaryClick Here
Pauline EtienneTriple Feature 2ComedyClick Here
Place in the World - ADocumentaryDocumentaryClick Here
Quest for EnergyShort Slot 1EducationalClick Here
QWERTYFeatureComedyClick Here
Refuge:DocumentaryDocumentaryClick Here
ResiduumShort Slot 5ComedyClick Here
Runner - TheShort Slot 6DramaClick Here
Ruthless PeopleFeatureComedyYES!Click Here
SalayDouble Feature 3DramaClick Here
Shoot The MoonTriple Feature 2DramaClick Here
Silk - TheShort Slot 2DramaClick Here
Sin NombreFeatureBIFF LatinoClick Here
SmileShort Slot 1DramaClick Here
StalledShort Slot 7AlternativeClick Here
Sudden NatureTriple Feature 1DramaYES!Click Here
Suddenly, ZinatDouble Feature 3DramaClick Here
Suffering Grasses - TheDouble Feature 5DocumentaryClick Here
Sweatshop - TheShort Slot 2DramaClick Here
They Drew FireDocumentaryDocumentaryClick Here
Things My Father Never Taught Me - TheShort Slot 4ComedyClick Here
Things We Don't Talk AboutDocumentaryDocumentaryYES!Click Here
This Is My SisterDouble Feature 7DocumentaryYES!Click Here
Today We Saw The Face Of GodDocumentaryDocumentaryYES!Click Here
TransthreededShort Slot 1AnimationClick Here
TreasureShort Slot 2DramaClick Here
TrimbeltenShort Slot 7DramaClick Here
TxikiTriple Feature 1DocumentaryClick Here
Umpire - TheTriple Feature 3DramaClick Here
Und ExitusFeatureComedyClick Here
UnfarewellShort Slot 5AlternativeClick Here
Vampire Formerly Known as DraculaShort Slot 4ComedyYES!Click Here
Versa EffectBIFF for the DeafBIFF ASL FilmClick Here
Wait for RainShort Slot 3ComedyClick Here
What's the Time Mr. Wolf?Double Feature 6DocumentaryClick Here
Why Do Hyenas Laugh?Triple Feature 4n/aClick Here
Wolf CallShort Slot 6DramaClick Here
Workers Leaving the FactoryShort Slot 4DramaClick Here
World for RaulShort Slot 7DramaClick Here
Wrong GameBIFF for the DeafBIFF ASL FilmClick Here

BIFF @ Rockford [Archive 2013 Season Page]


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Katies Cup Screens

Franchesco’s Screens


Katies Cup Screens

Franchesco’s Screens


Sponsored by:

Rockford Register StarBlackhawk BankFranchescos RistoranteThe Element

Film Screenings

You can also view Film & Event schedule for screen days, times, locations.


Triple Features | 2013

Triple Features | 2013

  1. Look for the filmmaker on site icon to know which films will have filmmaker(s) on site.
  2. You will be able to sort the selection by the film type, location, date and more. (coming soon)

Triple Features:

Triple Feature #1:

  • Sudden Nature
  • Txiki
  • Pauline, Etienne

Triple Feature #2:

  • In Our Hands
  • Lovesuck
  • Shoot The Moon

Triple Feature #3:

  • Liveless
  • Umpire
  • Miracles on Honey Bee Hill

Triple Feature #4:

  • Mine is Mine
  • Why Do Hyenas Laugh
  • Empty Nest

Left Bank Bookseller

Double Features | 2013

Double Features | 2013

  1. Look for the filmmaker on site icon to know which films will have filmmaker(s) on site.
  2. You will be able to sort the selection by the film type, location, date and more. (coming soon)

Double Features:

Double Feature #1:

  • The Human Factor
  • End of the Road

Double Feature #3:

  • S A L A Y
  • Suddenly, Zinat…

Double Feature #5:

  • Suffering Grasses
  • The Fourth World

Double Feature #2:

  • My Way Home
  • Old Growth

Double Feature #4:

  • Memoirs of a Scatterbrain
  • Left Bank Bookseller

Double Feature #6:

  • 50 Year Old Freshman
  • What’s the Time Mr. Wolf?

Double Feature #7:

  • Much Ado About Knotting
  • This Is My Sister




In keeping with a philosophy of offering something for everyone, The Beloit International Film Festival continues with the second annual BIFF Plus Music showcase performances! During the second weekend of the 10 Days of BIFF, dozens of musicians will play their hearts out for filmgoers and filmmakers.

Audiences have an opportunity to hear new bands and singer songwriters on four stages in downtown Beloit. Musicians and bands from across the nation will showcase their astounding talents and compete for a series of awards and cash prizes.

At each venue, audience members are encouraged to purchase “votes” to support their favorite acts in taking home BIFF Plus Music awards. These votes will count toward the points awarded by Jury and by Audience Choice.

FRIDAY Feb. 21st

Bushel & Peck’s
 Club Impulse
11 pm – OD JO
12 am – AYOH
Suds O’Hanahan’s
10 pm – RED & RECKLESS

SATURDAY Feb. 22nd

Bushel & Peck’s
12 am – MR. F
 Club Impulse
11 pm – DEAD ON TV
12 am – SOLAR
Suds O’Hanahan’s
11 pm – JOE NEARY
12 am – North Country Blonde


This year there is NO cover charge for BIFF +MUSIC

Presented By:

Merrill and Houston's          Hampton Inn          Beloit Daily News          Kcrger Haskell Golf Course

Click for more film / event info

BIFF + MUSIC winners announced

Sunday at the Classic Film event.

BIFF 2013 Film & Event Schedule

BIFF 2013 Film & Event Schedule


Thursday Feb. 14th, 2013

VenueNoon - 2:002:30 - 4:305:00 - 7:007:30 - 9:3010:00 - Midnight10 pm - 2 am
BeloitBagels & MoreToday We Saw The Face Of GodShort Slot #3
Bushel & Peck'sDouble Feature #1Short Slot #1AzoomaOn The Verge
Domenico'sShort Slot #2Glitter DustConfineComeback
Eclipse Center

Launch & Laurels
BIFF Film Awards Night
(5:00 Music, 6:30 Awards)

Little RedPassing The Baton
Art Center
Find The WayShort Slot #6Duck HunterDouble Feature #5
La Casa GrandeThe Big NoiseBeneath The BlindfoldAnyone Out ThereDeserved Lesson
Cheese People
/Nikki's Cafe
Double Feature #4Code Of The WestShort Slot #5Triple Feature #1
Rotary CenterDouble Feature #7Bringing King To ChinaRefugeDouble Feature #2
Wilson TheatreThings We Don't Talk AboutFinding John Smith

Index of all 2013 films

Friday Feb. 15th, 2013

Venue11:00 - 1:001:30 - 3:304:00 - 6:006:30 - 8:309:00 - 11:0010 pm - 2 am
BeloitBagels & MoreShort Slot #5QWERTYLast Stop Salvation
Bushel & Peck'sTriple Feature #4Short Slot #7Love TownComebackOn The Verge
Domenico'sTriple Feature #2Beneath The BlindfoldFuzz Track CityDeserved LessonConfine
Eclipse CenterUnd Exitus

Consider The Conversation
(Movie & Panel Discussion)

Art Center
Double Feature #4Black NoiseDouble Feature #3Short Slot #4

Love Town

La Casa GrandeRefugeTriple Feature #3Fambul TokAzoomaCongratulations
Merrill & Houston's

Merrill &
Schedule Soon

Cheese People
/Nikki's Cafe
Anyone Out ThereBusker's BountyLike The WaterShort Slot #1Short Slot #2

Schedule Soon

Rotary CenterDouble Feature #5Double Feature #6Glitter DustDislecksia

Duck Hunter

Suds O'Hanahans

Suds O'Hanahan's
Schedule Soon

Wilson TheatreAmerica's DarlingFind The WayInvisible MenDAR HE

Fuzz Track City

JanesvilleThe Armory

Dinner and a Movie
Last Stop Salvation
(Dinner begins at 6 pm, Movie at 7:30 pm)

Rock County
Historical Society
Short Slot #2Short Slot #3They Drew FireBringing King To China
Speakeasy 1Little Red


Speakeasy 2Triple Feature #3Short Slot #6
RockfordFranchesco'sDuck Hunter
Katie's CupPlace In The WorldTriple Feature #1

Index of all 2013 films

Saturday Feb. 16th, 2013

Venue11:00 - 1:001:30 - 3:304:00 - 6:006:30 - 8:309:00 - 11:0010 pm - 2 am
BeloitBagels & MoreDouble Feature #1CongratulationsThe Big Noise
Beloit Library

Student Filmmaker Showcase
Submissions from Teen Film workshops
(Program begins at 2:00)

Bushel & Peck'sInto The Wake

Little Red

Last Stop SalvationTriple Feature #4Code Of The West
Domenico'sDAR HEPlace In The World


Little RedShort Slot #6
Eclipse Center

Silent Film Showcase
Speedy w/ Beloit Janesville Symphony
(6:00 Reception & Silent Auction, 7:30 film starts)

Art Center
Double Feature #6Busker's BountyShort Slot #2Triple Feature #3Beneath The Blindfold
La Casa GrandeDuck HunterPassing The Baton

BIFF Latino
Sin Nombre

BIFF Latino
Days of Santiago

BIFF Latino
After Lucia

Merrill & Houston's

Merrill &
Schedule Soon

Cheese People
/Nikki's Cafe
Love TownDouble Feature #2Short Slot #4Short Slot #3Azooma

Schedule Soon

Rotary CenterAmerica's DarlingRefugeBlack Noise


Triple Feature #2
Suds O'Hanahans

Suds O'Hanahan's
Schedule Soon

Wilson TheatreToday We Saw The Face Of GodUnd ExitusThings We Don't Talk AboutDelusions of GrandeurShort Slot #7
JanesvilleThe Armory

Dinner and a Movie
Ruthless People
(Dinner begins at 6 pm, Movie at 7:30 pm)

Rock County
Historical Society
Double Feature #2Finding John SmithLike The WaterFambul Tok
Speakeasy 1ConfineFuzz Track City
Speakeasy 2ComebackShort Slot #1
RockfordFranchesco'sLast Stop Salvation
Katie's CupShort Slot #1Double Feature #5

Index of all 2013 films

Sunday Feb. 17th, 2013

VenueNoon - 2:002:30 - 4:305:00 - 7:007:30 - 9:3010:00 - Mid10 pm - 2 am
BeloitBagels & MoreDislecksiaDouble Feature #7Triple Feature #1
Bushel & Peck's


Triple Feature #3


Fuzz Track City

Domenico'sInvisible MenCode Of The West

Duck Hunter

Eclipse Center

BIFF Classic Movie
The Naked Gun

Art Center

Versa Effect
(for the deaf)

Black Sand
(for the deaf)

Wrong Game
(for the deaf)

La Casa GrandeDelusions of GrandeurUnd ExitusShort Slot #7
Cheese People
/Nikki's Cafe
They Drew FireTriple Feature #2Double Feature #1
Rotary CenterLike The WaterInto The WakeDouble Feature #3
JanesvilleThe Armory

Consider The Conversation
(Movie & Panel Discussion)
Program begins at 2:00

 Index of all 2013 films


Silent Film Showcase | 2013

Harold Lloyd’s “Speedy”


This year’s silent masterpiece will once again be drawn from the work of one of the greatest pioneers in film, Harold Lloyd. “Speedy,” Lloyd’s last silent film release, will be presented at the Eclipse Center in Beloit, with the original musical soundtrack presented live by the Beloit Janesville Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Robert Tomaro.

Silent Film Showcase | SpeedyWith his familiar dark rimmed glasses, Lloyd plays “Speedy,” a soda-jerk who loses his job and goes to Coney Island for the day with his girlfriend. He takes on a heroic stature when he organizes the neighborhood to thwart the railroad when it tries to run the last horse-drawn trolley, operated by his girl’s out of business. Released in 1928, “Speedy” was filmed in New York City and nominated for an Academy Award.

“The response was so positive to last year’s silent film selection, Harold Lloyd’s ‘Kid Brother,’ that we decided to turn to the master again for this year’s film,”. “It is amazing to see how well the humor stands up after 90 years. It is a high point of BIFF each year as we watch multiple generations sitting together and sharing in both the humor and the artistry of this purest form of film.”

The Beloit Janesville Symphony Orchestra:

A highlight of the annual Silent Film Showcase each year is the of an original score for the film by the full Beloit Janesville Symphony Orchestra. This year, the BJS will again present an orchestral arrangement of the score by British composer Carl Davis who has gained an international reputation by giving new life to long-silent film scores.

Film Synopsis:

Harold Lloyd - Speedy“Speedy” loses his job as a soda-jerk, then spends the day with his girl at Coney Island. He then becomes a cab driver and delivers Babe Ruth to Yankee Stadium, where he stays to see the game. When the railroad tries to run the last horse-drawn trolley (operated by his girl’s grandfather) out of business, “Speedy” organizes the neighborhood oldtimers to thwart their scheme.
~Written by Herman Seifer

Speedy is a 1928 silent film that was one of the films to be nominated for the short-lived Academy Award for Best Director of a Comedy. It starred famous comedian Harold Lloyd in the eponymous leading role, and it was his last silent film to be released in theatres. The film was written by Albert DeMond (titles), John Grey (story), J.A. Howe (story), Lex Neal (story), and Howard Emmett Rogers (story) with uncredited assistance from Al Boasberg and Paul Girard Smith. It was directed by Ted Wilde (the last silent film to be directed by him). It was shot on location in New York City.


DATE:  Saturday, February 16th, 2013

6:00 pm – Reception & silent auction
7:30 pm – Film Starts

LOCATION: Eclipse Center (Center Court)
PRICE: $25 for all ages plus tax and service fees online  (box office opens soon – “Like” us on facebook to be looped in on event updates)

This film is presented with the original score performed live by the Beloit Janesville Symphony with Music Director Robert Tomaro. This will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity too experience the film with live orchestra!

Presented by:

BMO Harris Bank                       Beloit Janesville Symphony

Beloit Janesville Symphony | Silent Film Showcase

The Beloit Janesville Symphony

This signature BIFF event features the Beloit Janesville Symphony under the direction of Maestro Robert Tomaro

Since its inception, the most popular single element of The Beloit International Film Festival has been the Saturday evening BMO Harris Bank Silent Film Showcase.

Sold-out audiences have frequently included film festival executives from around the country on- hand to see how BIFF creates the program so they might duplicate it at their festivals. This annual celebration of early 20th century film is highlighted by a performance of an original or newly conceived musical score performed by the Beloit Janesville Symphony Orchestra.

Beloit Janesville Symphony benefit receptionReception & Silent Auction

Prior to the Silent Film screening there will be a reception and silent auction to benefit the Beloit Janesville Symphony.


Items available for auction include something for everyone:

  • Fine Wines
  • Custom Jewelry
  • Art Prints
  • Rock River pontoon boat cruise
  • Motel Stay
  • Restaurant Certificates
  • Sports Memorabilia
  • Assorted Gift Baskets
  • And Much More….

Dinner and a Movie | 2013

BIFF will be presenting two special night out Dinner and a movie events.

The Armory | Janesville

Friday:  Last Stop Salvation

Dinner begins at 6 pm, Movie begins at 7:30

Last Stop Salvation | Yusaf PirhasanMovie Synopsis:

The inhabitants of Saadet Apartment are about to get a lesson in grass roots revolution.

A group of women who have become numb to the pain in their lives welcome a new tenant into the building. Little do they know that the heartbroken Eylem will change their lives forever.  Trailer below.

Continue Reading…

Saturday:  Ruthless People

Dinner begins at 6 pm, Movie begins at 7:30

Ruthless People | David ZuckerMovie Synopsis:

Sam Stone is a clothing manufacturer, who married his wife Barbara, for the money that she was supposed to inherit from her dying father, but her father didn’t die for another fifteen years.  Trailer below.

Continue Reading…

Presented By:

The Armory | Janesville

Adopt a Filmmaker

Adopt A Filmmaker | 2013

Adopt A Filmmaker

During the first six years of the Beloit International Film Festival, programs like Cinema a la Carte, Hospitality Partners, Reveal Parties (now “Sneak Peeks”), Launch and Laurels, and the Silent Film Showcase have been critical in building the reputation of BIFF both with a regional audience and with an international cadre of filmmakers who have served as our ambassadors to the industry.


People have asked us about the possibility of resuming the Cinema a la Carte dinners and it’s something we are considering for the future. As you know, this type of event takes time, attention to detail, and a willing group of participants. In the last few years, as the economy has lagged, we felt that it would be a challenge to find hosts and participants, not to mention a chairperson, with that great eye for detail that made Cinema a la Carte popular in the first place.


But BIFF has continued to grow and in response to a challenge put to us by Diane Hendricks, we have been working to take BIFF to “the next level”. This year we have worked to raise the quality of every aspect of the program. In February, you will experience new projection and sound equipment. We have raised the level of the films, securing films that normally would be seen only at the major festivals internationally. We have become truly regional with 16 venues in Beloit, Rockford, and Janesville. We have transformed our volunteers into BIFF “Ambassadors”. And that’s just for starters.
BIFF will have new programs this year including:

    • BIFF Latino—A day of Spanish language films and entertainment for the whole family.
    • BIFF for the Deaf—American Sign Language films for the deaf community.
    • New Kids at BIFF—A greatly expanded series of programs that will touch the lives of thousands of school children in the region at all levels.

To accomplish this, we have sought new sponsors and underwriters. Many of our traditional supporters have increased their support, and businesses, institutions and individuals have stepped forward to provide new underwriting.


BIFF is a community program and we are coming to you to seek your participation once again. We still need to raise $20,000 to keep the Festival moving forward. We have developed a program called Adopt-A-Filmmaker which will require no cooking or cleaning of the house, but will offer our oldest friends and veteran supporters exclusive opportunities for connecting with the 100 + filmmakers coming from around the world. It will also allow us to introduce these talented creative artists to a special circle of local “hosts.”

Support Levels

Participants at the $500 and $1,000 level will be invited to a private Cinema a la Carte brunch on BIFF Saturday at the Beloit Inn where they will meet their “adopted” filmmaker. They will also be invited to the closing “Wrap” party, will have special seats for the Silent Film Showcase, and other chances to connect with our special guests. Finally, we will notify you in advance of special films that are coming—and there are about a dozen that ordinarily would only be seen at places like Vancouver, Tribeca and Cannes—so that you can secure advance tickets.
This is the 7th year of BIFF, and it will be the year that people talk about for a long time.

Thank you for your past and continued support.


Short Films | 2013


Short Films | 2013

  1. Look for the filmmaker on site icon to know which films will have filmmaker(s) on site. (coming soon)
  2. You will be able to sort the selection by the film type, location, date and more. (coming soon)

Short Slots:

Short Slot #1:

  • Luminaris
  • CatCam
  • Old Country Lullaby
  • Transthreeded
  • Quest for Energy
  • Cracked
  • Kaloo School
  • Milo
  • Old Angel
  • Smile
  • Bottle

Short Slot #3:

  • Lifted
  • House, A Home
  • Bounce
  • My Friend Erhan
  • Memento Mori
  • Wait for Rain

Short Slot #5:

  • Distance
  • bona nox
  • Just Like Me
  • Unfarewell
  • Casting
  • Residuum
  • Oscar V
  • Man with all the Marbles

Short Slot #7:

  • Goodbye, Cruel World
  • Cherry Waves
  • World for Raul
  • Trimbelten
  • Landscape
  • Stalled

Short Slot #2:

  • Megumi’s Workout?
  • Global Tides
  • Treasure
  • Sweatshop
  • Because It’s Small
  • Colors of Evil
  • The Silk
  • Nooner

Short Slot #4:

  • Extraction
  • Things My Father Never Taught Me
  • Ella
  • Angst
  • Workers Leaving The Factory
  • Missed Connections
  • Vampire formerly Known as Dracula

Short Slot #6:

  • La Mirada Perdida
  • Runner
  • Nowhere To Go
  • No
  • Wolf Call
  • Brightwood

Student Filmmaker Showcase 2013

Beloit Library

Film Workshop For Teens

A series of four film workshops for teens.

Student Filmmaker Showcase | BIFF


The Beloit International Film Festival is proud to announce our Second Annual Student Filmmaker Showcase as part of the 2013 BIFF schedule.

Presented in partnership with the Beloit Public Library, this is a unique and highly rewarding film challenge for young adults, the results of which will be screened on the Saturday of BIFF at the Beloit Public Library, Feb. 16th, 2013.

6th – 12th Grade

Entries can be of any genre, must be between three and five minutes long, and will be created by the students themselves.

The Grand Prize winner will receive an award at the annual Launch and Laurels party on Thursday, February 14th at the Eclipse Center.

All other filmmakers will receive awards on Saturday, February 16th at 2:00 p.m. at the Student Filmmaker Showcase which will be held at the Beloit Public Library.

Four Months, Four Workshops

Student Filmmaker Workshop | BIFF 2012

Students will have the opportunity to participate in a series of four workshops presented by Drywater Productions that will teach students how to create a short film.

Drywater Productions is a film company owned and operated by Stephen and Cameron Pickering, professional filmmakers from Janesville, WI.  Their films have been showcased in our festival for the past several years and they are very excited to be participating in this endeavor.

These workshops are free and all middle school and high school students are welcome.


  • Fri Oct. 12th |  1:00-4:00 p.m. | “Developing the Story” | Beloit Public Library
  • Sat Nov 10th | 1:00-4:00 p.m. | “Rules of Filmmaking” | Beloit Public Library
  • Sat Dec 1st |  1:00-4:00 p.m. | “Lighting and Sound” | Beloit Public Library
  • Sat Jan 12th |  1:00-4:00 p.m. | “The Edit”  | Beloit Public Library
  • Fri Jan 25th |  Submission Deadline
  • Thu Feb 14th | TBD | Awards Presentation – Launch & Laurels | Eclipse Center*
  • Sat Feb 16th | 2:00 p.m. | Student Filmmaker Showcase | Beloit Public Library


  • Beloit Public Library (605 Eclipse Blvd.)
  • Eclipse Center (Riverside and Henry Ave. Beloit)


*Note:  Launch & Laurels Awards Presentation:  Each participating film gets two complementary tickets. All others, $10.00 adults / $5.00 students

Drywater Productions | Video & Film Production Beloit Public Library

Presented by:  Drywater Productions &  Beloit Public Library

Submission Form

Note: This is an editable PDF. You may

  • Fill it out online and submit to:
  • Print it out, fill it out and mail to:

Beloit International Film Festival
c/o Melissa Hawks
444 E. Grand Avenue
Beloit, WI 53511

For more information:  Melissa Hawks at


The Beloit International Film Festival is made possible by The Hendricks Group and presented in association with Beloit College and with a generous grant from Visit Beloit.

Sneak Peek – the 2013 program revealed – 3 Cities

BIFF Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek

The 2013 program revealed – 3 Cities

Be the first to hear about the films selected to be in the Beloit International Film Festival 2013!

These much-anticipated soirees are where film fest supporters meet to obtain the official BIFF program book, talk about what films they are excited about, hear the inside scoop regarding the festival, and see trailers of upcoming movies to be featured at BIFF 2013.

This year we’ll have three Sneak Peeks. One each in Beloit, Rockford & Janesville.

Check out the dates and details below. We look forward to seeing you there!