Tom Of Your Life | Jer Sklar, Director

Tom Of Your Life

Music Videos | BIFF 2021

You Knew It Was Me

Teddy Out Of Tune | Daniel Freeman, Director

Teddy, Out of Tune

Standard | Fernando González Gómez, Director


Repossession | Hoh Ming Siu, Scott C. Hillyard, Directors


The Old Man Movie | Oskar Lehemaa, Mikk Mägi, Directors

Old Man Movie – The

Materna | David Gutnik, Director


The Maestro | Mackenzie Austin

Maestro – The

Gossamer Folds | Lisa Donato, Director

Gossamer Folds

Freeland | Kate McLean, Mario Furloni, Directors


DannyBoy | Ferdia Mac Anna, Director


A Shot Through The Wall | Aimee Long, Director

A Shot Through The Wall

Fly | Jessica Heim, Director


After Hour Animals | Cleavland & Kadow, Directors

After Hour Animals / “Regenerated”

2 in a Million | A.J. Moreno, Director

2 in a Million

Binate | Marcus Aubin, Director


Careful | Alice Saey, Director


HE | Sam Sheavy & Wasem Addus, Directors


Le Silence de la rue | Marie Opron, Director

Le Silence de la rue

Enough For You | Rochak Sahu, Director

Enough For You

All I Knew | Mathilde Bedouet

All I Knew

No Bully | Susan Picking & Hailey McLaughlin Directors

No Bully