The Secret Friend

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  • The Secret Friend
  • Out of Erasers
  • On the Beat – Soata
  • Negative
  • The 36
  • My Brother Greg
  • On Time
  • Art on the Bridge
  • Traces of Other

The Secret FriendThe Secret Friend



Genre: Comedy, Drama, Mystery
Country: Brazil, USA
Rated: G
Runtime: 16 minutes
Director: Flavio Alves
Producer: Nicholas Eisenberg, Raina Oberlin, Flavio Alves, Fernando Pinheiro


A reclusive, elderly widow, Anna Marshall (Viola Harris), lives in quiet desperation until she begins receiving daily calls from a silent stranger. An odd and mysterious friendship evolves between the two, as Anna begins to share her life experiences with startling honesty. Empty days are given new hope, but when the calls abruptly end, a devastated Anna is compelled to surprising action to fill the unbearable void.

Out of ErasersOut of Erasers


Genre: Animation, Drama Horror
Country: Denmark, Sweden
Rated: PG
Runtime: 14 minutes
Director: Erik Rosenlund
Producer: Daniel Wirtberg



A woman on her way home becomes a victim of a strange infection. She soon realizes that an epidemic is spreading and there are larger forces at work. While struggling to find a cure she also discovers that desperate times require hard choices.

On the Beat – Soata



Country: Brazil
Rated: PG-13
Runtime: 3 minutes

The joys of Brazilian music and dance are explored through a unique animation of natural elements.






Genre: Drama, Documentary
Country: Israel
Rated: PG
Runtime: 16 minutes
Director: Yoav Hornung
Producer: Yoav Hornung

Irit, a woman in her mid-sixties, is taking photographs in the park. when a young guy suspects that she took a picture of him he sits next to her and they start to talk. A short conversation and a dark room will lead to an intimate situation that Irit never expected. Things get more complicated when her beautiful young granddaughter shows up.

The 36The 36

Genre: Drama
Country: USA
Rated: PG
Runtime: 7 minutes
Director: Keaton Manning
Producer: Keaton Manning


“The 36” follows an old Polish woman who encounters a Jewish teenage girl, on her journey home from the liberated concentration camps. Derived from Yiddish, The Lamed Vav Zaddikim: a theory that the fate of the world rests, at any given time, in the hands of 36 righteous people. They are put on earth to perform the healing of the world.

My Brother GregMy Brother Greg

Genre: Animation Drama
Country: United Kingdom
Rated: PG-13
Runtime: 10 minutes
Director: Philipp Enders
Producer: Philipp Enders


Greg hates flies. Morning after morning, those little brats bring him a new nightmare. Four short episodes, which change between humor and scare, tell us of the effect these wrong-headed day-breaks have on our protagonist. Mostly they end in one of Greg’s temper tantrums. Yet, his brother, the narrator of the film, plays a role as important as Greg himself. His voice is as tender as if he were telling us a bedtime story and the plot almost seems like episodes of a personal diary that are revised over and over again. The viewer cannot avoid assuming, that this ominous brother has made up the whole story.


On Time



Genre: Drama
Rated: PG-13
Runtime: 18 minutes
Director: Robert W. Angell
Producer: Robert W. Angell


A man reflects on his life, before he decides to end it.


Art on the Bridge


Genre: Documentary
Country: United Kingdom, Czech Republic
Rated: G
Runtime: 11 minutes
Director:  Jonas Zimmermann, Michelle Horn
Producer: Jonas Zimmermann, Michelle Horn


A portrayal of the lives of street artists and vendors on the Charles Bridge in Prague.  The film looks at the tightrope walk between art and commerce..

Traces of OtherTraces of Other


Genre: Animation
Rated: G
Runtime: 6 minutes
Director:  Daisuke Nagaoka
Producer:  Daisuke Nagaoka