White Wanderer – MZUNGU

White WondererRated: G
Director: Shana Gilbert           Producer: Shana Gilbert
Length: 77 min
Rwanda, Uganda, USA

filmmaker on siteThursday: 5:00pm – Angel Museum  Buy Tickets
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Website:  Mzungu Movie

MZUNGU is not just another Social Justice Documentary. You know the kind — filmed in Africa to pull on the heart-strings of the 1st World to send their money and cry-a-tear. No. Finally, there exists a global issues film that shows more than the flies-on-the-face and the hopelessness in the world.

Mzungu IS the rest of the story. What happens after the filmmakers and the characters go home? This story begins with four average, middle-class American college kids — all a bit unsatisfied with post-9/11, and being handed the American Dream with little to no effort on their part. Together they set-out to ‘save-the-world’, and rather end up uniting an entire community of friends working together for change.

Shana Marie Gilbert, Producer/Director, witnessed American youth culture flooding to Africa and making a mess of it. But what if there was a better way? What if it was possible to actually Help people? Her journey to find this answer became the story Mzungu. The power of this film lies in the question it forces us to ask ourselves: …is Love the answer?


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Never Winter

Rated: R
Director: Moe Charif                 Producer: Ingrid Gonzalez
Length: 30 min
Drama | Short

filmmaker on siteThursday: 5:00pm – La Casa Grande
filmmaker on siteSunday: 2:30pm Beloit Library

Part 1 of Double Feature Craig’s Story
Part 2 of Double Feature – Never Winter (NOTE: tickets for this double feature sold on Craig’s Story page)

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Website: It’s Never Winter

Based on a true story, Never Winter is the heart wrenching drama of an only child, Chloe Hammond, who seeks a better life away from her drug addict mother. The 11-year old decides to take matters into her own hands and stand up to her abusive mother. When her plan backfires she finds herself in a situation that gets progressively worse.

Chloe’s only hope is a school counselor, Amira Yaseen, who fights to give her a chance at a normal life. Ms. Yaseen tries her best to keep Chloe’s hope alive as she faces complications that prevent her from keeping a promise she made to Chloe.


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westboundRated: PG-13
Director: Jim Rivett
Length: 77 min.

filmmaker on siteFriday: 7:30pm – The Metropolitan  Buy Tickets
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Website: Westbound

A candid portrait of 96-year-old Adolph Vandertie, Grand Duke of the Hobos, and his final confessions of a life filled with joy, heartache, and addiction. Sweeping through the Great Depression, Westbound chronicles America’s downfall and return to being the strongest nation in the world. An iconic tale, Adolph struggles to achieve personal redemption by creating an astonishing collection of 4,000 hobo whimsies and tramp art carvings. This simple act of whittling found objects becomes a beacon of hope for one man while capturing the true spirit of America.

“Westbound is atmospheric. It sweeps through a man’s lifetime of want, wandering, woes and reluctantly accepted worth…a compelling documentary film.”
– Warren Gerds, Critic at Large, Gannett

“Westbound is rife with fascinating details about obscure folk art forms… (Adolph) Vandertie’s story and his body of work are compelling.”
– Noel Murray, The Onion A.V. Club


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Craig’s Story

Rated: PG13
Director: Aaron Williams    Producer:Aaron Williams
Length: 38 min
Documentary | Short | Biography

filmmaker on siteThursday: 5:00pm – La Casa Grande  Buy Tickets
filmmaker on siteSunday: 2:30pm Beloit Library  Buy Tickets

Note: One ticket is for both films

Part 1 of Double Feature – Craig’s Story
Part 2 of Double Feature – Never Winter


Craig Buege was a very talented and athletic young man that everyone liked. He had a great stable family and lived in a nice suburb in a small Midwestern town. His smile and laugh were in infectious. Craig died of a heroin overdose in 2009 at the age of 20. This emotional film, made from home movies and interviews from friends and family, share how trying Oxycontin easily leads to shooting heroin. Former addicts also share how addiction is a painful struggle with yourself and hurts the others around you who love and care about you.


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Virtual JFK

Virtual JFKRated: PG
Director: Koji Masutani Producer: Koji Masutani
Length: 80 min

Thursday: 5:00pm – The Metropolitan  Buy Tickets
Friday: 7:30pm – Bushel & Peck’s   Buy Tickets
Saturday: 2:30pm – Beloit Library  Buy Tickets

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Website: Virtual JFK

In the era of nuclear confrontation, John F. Kennedy attempted to prevent war six times during his short tenure as president. He didn’t live to face a seventh. Virtual JFK: Vietnam If Kennedy Had Lived takes up one of America’s controversial “what if” scenarios, examining that question: Would the U.S. have escalated the war in Vietnam if Kennedy was not assassinated in 1963?

With insight and erudition, the film traces JFK presidency a 1,000-day term plagued with tense political stand-offs through rare and previously-unseen archival footage, offering nuanced accounts of the former president political decisions and, by extension, his probable response to the escalating conflict in Vietnam. Featuring unprecedented access into the leadership style of one of the nations most important leaders, Virtual JFK sheds new light on the man who helped avoid war in six crises and did not live to save America from the devastating war in Vietnam.


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Pink Smoke Over the Vatican

Rated: PG13
Director: Jules Hart       Producer:Jules Hart
Length: 60 min
Documentary | Drama
Canada, USA

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Website: Eyes Goddess Film

This film is about the controversial movement of women seeking to be ordained as priests in the Roman Catholic Church. On June 3, 2008, The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which is the modern name for The Holy Office of the Inquisition, issued a sweeping order of excommunication for “the crime of attempting sacred ordination of a woman.” Pink Smoke Over the Vatican chronicles the events that led up to this severe punishment and tells the stories of the determined women and men who, through the forbidden and illicit path of female ordination, are working to end the underlying misogyny and outdated feudal governance that is slowly destroying the Roman Catholic Church.


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United We Fall

United We FallRated: G
Director: Bryan Law            Producers: Bryan Law & Dan Dicks
Length: 124 min.
Canada, Mexico, USA

filmmaker on site Thursday: 5:00pm – Hendricks Art Center 1  Buy Tickets
filmmaker on site Friday: 2:30pm – The Metropolitan  Buy Tickets

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Website: Press for Truth

A film by Bryan Law and Dan Dicks United We Fall is a documentary about the North American Union that is being developed right now between Canada, the United States, and Mexico. For years this topic has been debated in the news and in political circles as being a possible future for North America.

In recent years, the mood has shifted and a rift is developing between those who want a Deeply Integrated North American Community, and those who wish to retain their national sovereignty. This film takes a look at both sides by interviewing both insiders and activists who have been at the heart of this heated debate.

The film also looks to the broader agenda of building a world government and its implications. Featured Interviews: Robert Pastor (Council on Foreign Relations), Allan Gotlieb (Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg), Herbert Grubel (Creator of the “Amero”), Luke Rudkowski (We Are Change), Dan Dicks (Press For Truth), Vijay Sarma (Political Activist, Independent Journalist), Dr. Andrew Moulden (Canadian Action Party), Richard Syrett (Talk Radio Host).


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One Big Hapa Family

Rated: PG
Director: Jeff Chiba Stearns           Producer: Ruth Vincent
Length: 48 min
Documentary | Animation | Family

filmmaker on siteFriday: 5:00pm – Beloit Library  Buy Tickets
filmmaker on siteSaturday: 12:00pmDomenico’s  Buy Tickets

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Website: One Big Hapa Family

After a realization at a family reunion, half Japanese-Canadian filmmaker, Jeff Chiba Stearns, embarks on a journey of self-discovery to find out why everyone in his Japanese-Canadian family married interracially after his grandparents’ generation.

This feature live action and animated documentary explores why almost 100% of all Japanese-Canadians are marrying interracially, the highest out of any other ethnicity in Canada, and how their mixed children perceive their unique multiracial identities.

The stories from four generations of a Japanese-Canadian family comes to life through the use of innovative animation techniques created by some of Canada’s hottest independent animators, including, Louise Johnson, Ben Meinhardt, Todd Ramsay, Kunal Sen, Jeff Chiba Stearns, and Jonathan Ng. One Big Hapa Family challenges our perceptions of purity and makes us question if mixing is the end of multiculturalism as we know it.


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So What Does Your MP Do?

Rated: G
Director: Claude Green Producer: Claude Green
Length: 63
United Kingdom

filmmaker on siteFriday:  7:30pm – Hendricks Art Center 1    Buy Tickets
filmmaker on siteSaturday: 12:00pm – Hendricks Art Center 1  Buy Tickets
filmmaker on siteSunday: 12:00pm – Hendricks Art Center 1  Buy Tickets

Before the expenses scandal blew up in which British Members of Parliament (MP) replaced investment bankers as hate figures in the eyes of the public, a liberal democrat MP, Ed Davey, agreed to take part in a documentary that would explore the question of what an MP actually does.


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Love & Valor – The Intimate Civil War Letters

Rated: G
Director:Charles Larimer     Producer:Charles Larimer
Length: 88 min
Narrative-Style Documentary | Drama

filmmaker on site Thursday: 5:00pm Bushel & Peck’s  Buy Tickets
filmmaker on site Friday: 7:30pmBeloit Library  Buy Tickets
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Website: Love & Valor

A tremendously moving story of a Union soldier and his wife during the Civil War, “Love & Valor, The Intimate Civil War Letters” is based on the book of the same name, which was featured by the Smithsonian in the month after 9/11. Jacob Ritner, a Union captain from Iowa, was a teacher, farmer and abolitionist before the war.  Emeline raised four small children, managed the family farm, dealt with other women in town.  Jacob witnesses the deaths of family and friends, participates in great adventures, sees new lands,  and changes views on the South. The movie tells of their devotion to each other, patriotism, loneliness, anguish at the death of loved ones, and slavery.

The movie is narrated by Tony Award winning actor Brian Dennehy. Jacob and Emeline’s great great grandson, Charles Larimer, also as a narrator, tells the stories about how he found the letters. He tells most of his stories in cemeteries by the actual graves of the people mentioned in the letters. He also tells strange stories on how he found additional information about some of the people featured in the letters, including a young run-away slave whom Jacob Ritner met in Mississippi in 1862 during the Vicksburg campaign, and the Ice Merchant of Savannah who hosted Jacob Ritner for Christmas dinner in 1864 at the end of Sherman’s March to the Sea.


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Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone

Rated: PG13
Director:Christopher Metzler, Lev Anderson
Producer:Christopher Metzler, Lev Anderson
Length: 103 min

Friday: 10:00pm – Beloit Library  Buy Tickets
Saturday: 2:30pmHendricks Art Center 2  Buy Tickets

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Website:  Fishbone Documentary

From the shifting faultlines of Hollywood fantasies and the economic and racial tensions of Reagan’s America, Fishbone rose to become one of the most original bands of the last 25 years. With a blistering combination of punk and funk they demolished the walls of genre and challenged the racial stereotypes and political order of the music industry and the nation. Telling it like it is, the iconic Laurence Fishburne narrates EVERYDAY SUNSHINE, a story about music, history, fear, courage and funking on the one.

At the heart of the film’s story is lead singer Angelo Moore and bassist Norwood Fisher, who show how they keep the band rolling out of pride, desperation and love for their art. To overcome money woes, family strife, and the strain of being aging punk rockers on the road, Norwood and Angelo are challenged to re-invent themselves in the face of dysfunction and ghosts from a painful past.

Featuring interviews with Flea, Gwen Stefani, Ice-T, Perry Farrell, Branford Marsalis, George Clinton, Tim Robbins, Gogol Bordello, Questlove, and others, EVERYDAY SUNSHINE traces the band’s history, influence, and struggle as individualistic, genre-blending artists up against an unforgiving music industry that threatens to pass them by.


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Crossing Borders

Rated: PG
Director: Arnd Wächter          Producer: Arnd Wächter
Length: 72 min
Morocco, Spain, US, Israel

Friday: 7:30pm – Angel Museum  Buy Tickets
Sunday: 2:30pm Bushel & Pecks  Buy Tickets

Website: Crossing Borders

Documentary that follows four Moroccan and four American university students as they travel together through Morocco and, in the process of discovering “The Other”, discover themselves. With group travels and frank discussions, the students confront the complex implications of the supposed “clash of civilizations” between Islam and the West. The relationships formed through shared experiences contrast sharply with the media-shaped views Americans and Muslims have of each other. Humor, honesty and a willingness to be challenged all bring individuals closer to each other and the relationships that develop disarm hidden stereotypes.


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Scientists Under Attack – Genetic Engineering in the Magnetic Field of Money

Scientists Under Attack - Genetic Engineering in the Magmetic Field of MoneyRated: G
Director: Bertram Verhaag         Producer: Claus Stigel
Length: 88 min
Germany, USA

Friday: 5:00pm – Hendricks Art Center 1  Buy Tickets
Sunday: 2:30pm – Hendricks Art Center 2 Buy Tickets

Billed as “a political thriller on GMOs and freedom of speech”, this film by the German film-maker Bertram Verhaag tells the stories of two scientists, Dr Arpad Pusztai and Dr Ignacio Chapela, whose research showed negative findings on GM foods and crops. Both suffered the fate of those who challenge the powerful vested interests that dominate agribusiness and scientific research. They were vilified and intimidated, attempts were made to suppress and discredit their research, and their careers were derailed.

Pusztai found that the internal organs of rats fed GM insecticidal potatoes either increased in size or did not develop properly compared with controls. His experiments turned up no less than 36 significant differences between GM-fed and non-GM-fed animals. Pusztai, encouraged by his research institute, gave a 150-second interview on British TV in which he summarised his findings and said it was unfair to use our fellow citizens as guinea pigs for GM foods.



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Portrait of a Bookstore as an Old Man

Rated: G
Director: Gonzague Pichelin and Benjamin Sutherland
Producer: Gonzague Pichelin and Benjamin Sutherland
Length: 52 min
France, USA

Friday: 5:00pm – Rotary River Center  Buy Tickets
Saturday: 5:00pm – Bagels & More  Buy Tickets
Sunday: 12:00pm –Bushel & Peck’s  Buy Tickets

In 1951, George Whitman opened a bookshop-commune in Paris. George, 92, still runs his “den of anarchists disguised as a bookstore,” offering free, dirty beds to poor literati, cutting his hair with a candle and gluing the carpet with pancake batter. More than 40,000 poets, travelers and political activists have stayed at Shakespeare and Company, writing or stealing books, throwing parties and making soup or love while living with George’s generosity and fits of anger. Illustrious guests include Henry Miller, Anaïs Nin, Jacques Prévert, Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs, Gregory Corso, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, James Baldwin and Richard Wright. Welcome to the makeshift utopia of the last member of the Beat Generation.


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Angadi Theru

Rated: PG
Director: Vasanthabalan
Length: 151 min

Friday: 7:30pm – Domenico’s  Buy Tickets
Saturday: 5:00pmHendricks Art Center 1  Buy Tickets


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Jyothi Lingam (Mahesh) is a bright student and son of a mason who leads a happy life in his village near Tirunelveli. One day tragedy strikes as his father, the only earning member of the family, dies in an accident while crossing an unmanned railway gate. Mahesh now has to look after his mother and two sisters. Due to circumstances, he is forced to abandon his studies, even though he comes first in his school in the board exams. Through a canvassing agent, he and his friend Marimuthu, get jobs as sales boys in a textile showroom in Ranganathan Street in Chennai. Mahesh, along with hundreds of others, are employed at the Senthil Murugan Stores run by the big Annachi. On each floor at the textile showroom, there are around 50 to 60 sales boys and girls who work in pitiable conditions from early in the morning to late night, without any rest. He meets Kani (Anjali), a fiery independent girl…


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The Russian Cowboy

Rated: MA
Director: Mark Laty    Producer:Mark Laty
Length: 100 min

Friday: 10:00pm – Hendricks Art Center 1  Buy Tickets

Saturday: 10:00pmBushel & Peck’s  Buy Tickets

An illegal Russian immigrant struggles to survive in the suburbs of Washington DC. He bumps into a twisted pimp, who runs an escort service, and a small-time drug dealer, both obsessed with samurai movies, but the Russian cowboy soon discovers that money is hard to come by.

You can watch the trailer The Russian Cowboy

Viewer Ratings:

Coming Back for More

Rated: PG-13
Director: Willem Alkema         Producer: Willem Alkema
Length: 74 min
Netherlands, USA

filmmaker on site Thursday: 5:00pm – Beloit Library  Buy Tickets
filmmaker on site Saturday: 7:30pm – La Casa Grande  Buy Tickets

Website: Sly Stone Documentary

Documentary about Sly Stone. The funklegend disappeared for years. In this documentary Willem Alkema finds him and takes writers Edwin and Arno Konings to their hero. Sly has been followed in his return to stage!

“The only film on Sly you’ll ever see — anywhere. A wonderful documentary with a jaw-dropping ending.” Brad Abramson, Vice President VH1, US

“This is an excellent film”
Alexander King Programme Manager Leeds International Filmfestival, UK

“I watched the Sly doc and was blown away!”
Stephen Paley former A&R Manager Sony, US

“I don’t know how Willem did it, but he did it!”
Dan Anderson, Hot Springs Documentary Filmfestival, US

“More than a biographical movie, more than a detective movie: “Coming Back For More” is Alkema’s journey searching for truth. Dive into the life of Sly Stone, a man who changed music with creativity and tolerance. Following his dream, Alkema’s passion takes him as far as one can go”
Fabrizio Poli, IT: www.soulandjazz.com


Viewer Ratings:


Rated: R
Director: Kathy Lindboe
Length: 108 min

Friday: 2:30 pm – Rotary River Center  Buy Tickets

Saturday: 7:30 pm Hendricks Art Center 2  Buy Tickets

Sunday: 12:00 pm The Metropolitan  Buy Tickets

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Website: NONAMES the Movie


Inspired by true events, NONAMES follows Kevin and his family of friends as they struggle within the confines of a small town. After his mother’s death, Kevin decides to make a life for himself in his childhood home in spite of his father’s decision to move. In the wake of tragedy, Kevin must end his extended adolescence or lose the things he holds most dear. Haunted by unsettled scores, it becomes clear that he must leave the town he loves in order to save himself from it. A new beginning is only a bus ride away.


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Neutral Territory

Rated: G
Director: Josias Tschanz       Producer: Josias Tschanz
Length: 76 min
Canada, Switzerland

Thursday: 7:30 pm – Bushel & Peck’s  Buy Tickets

Friday: 2:30 pm Hendricks Art Center 1  Buy Tickets

Saturday: 5:00pm Beloit Library  Buy Tickets

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Website: Neutral Territory

Trying desperately to forget his roots, Henry is drawn back into the fray with his father when finances get the better of him. Returning with him to the family farm, his fiance soon discovers disturbing secrets about his past. A childhood sweetheart, a stubborn father thick with Swiss traditions, and a desperate lawyer who’ll do anything for money force Henry to decide between protecting his father or turning his back on him.


Viewer Ratings:

Bodmers Journey

Rated: G
Director: Luke Gasser          Producer: Luke Gasser
Length: 94 min
Switzerland, USA

filmmaker on site Thursday: 7:30pm – Hendricks Art Center 2  Buy Tickets
filmmaker on site Saturday: 2:30pm – Domenico’s  Buy Tickets

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Website: Bodmers Journey

US Tour Sponsor: The Consulate General of Switzerland in Chicago

Switzerland Consulate

Tracing the footsteps of Swiss artist Karl Bodmer and German Prince Maximilian zu Wied, who traveled up north on the Missouri river to follow the Louis and Clark Expedition. Karl Bodmer left our world the largest collection of Indian native paintings and portraits. This feature documentary was shot at original places. A large Swiss-American non-profit cooperation featuring Indian natives like Chief Crow Dog and Crow Dog Jr from the Lakota tribe and the current art of the Joslyn Art Museum Nebraska.

No one knew probably at the time what a historically and scientifically important trip it would be, as on May 17, 1832 the German Prince Maximilian of Wied, his Staff, the hunter and taxidermist David Dreidoppel and the young Swiss Artist Karl Bodmer set out on their important journey, which finally made it into annals of History as “Journey into North America. ” Written by Monika Baech


Viewer Ratings:

Naan Kadavul (I am God)

Rated:  PG13
Director: Bala       Producer:Sivasri Sreenivasan
Length: 165 min
Action | Drama

Thursday: 7:30 pm – Rotary River Center  Buy Tickets
Sunday: 2:30pm – The Metropolitan  Buy Tickets


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For astrological reasons, a father leaves his son Rudran (Arya) in Kasi. Years later, repenting his act he goes with his daughter in search of him. He finds him there but is shocked to learn that he has become an Aghori. Nevertheless he brings him back to Tamil Nadu. The story takes a turn here and introduces us to the world of physically and mentally challenged beggars. A world controlled by the cruel Thandavan (Rajendran). Hamsavalli (Pooja Umashankar) a blind girl is forcefully separated from her troop and made to join the beggars. Soon she becomes another victim of Thandavan’s cruelty. Meanwhile, Rudran leaves his house to find his place on a small cave, and soon meets Hamsavalli, who tries her best to convince him to return home, but fails. Thandavan then takes a deal with a Malayali man of the same profession and decides to force Hamsavalli to marry an ugly, deformed man for 10-lakhs worth of money. On one incident, Hamsavalli angers the deformative, who runs away without marrying her. This angers Thandavan, who deeply wounds her. She later goes crying to Rudran to somehow free from this curse. The aghori then kills her and grants her moksha.


Viewer Ratings:

Blank Point

Rated: R
Director: Xiao- Yen Wang     Producer: Xiao- Yen Wang
Length: 74 min

filmmaker on siteThursday: 12:00pm – Hendricks Art Center 1  Buy Tickets

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Website: The Beijing-San Francisco Film Group

The Blank Point – what is transsexualism?

The Blank Point is a personal view of the fragilities of transsexualism, that of a woman from China where transsexualism is unknown and unimaginable. To Xiao-Yen Wang, the filmmaker, the concept of gender change is the miracle of Western medicine, an advance that blurs our most fundamental precept that men are men and women are women.

The Blank Point focuses on two male-to-female transsexuals and one female-to-male transsexual who talk about their psychological and physical changes during their transition. They talk about adjusting to a new identity, about family and societal rejection, about their sexuality, hopes and feelings.

In The Blank Point, Xiao-Yen Wang retraces her footsteps in trying to understand transsexualism, starting with her initial bewilderment. The film is framed within her thoughts, pulling the audience from one very small view into a broader reality.

Transsexualism’s delicate complexities evaporate when they’re not approached openly, with a strong curiosity; it’s a world of private choices and difficult emotions not discernible on the surface. When stereotypes are realized as misconceptions, when a people’s reality is recognized as it actually is, it broadens our understanding of human nature. The Blank Point seeks to make a hidden reality understandable to a general audience, to bring out the inner experience of transsexuals.

Viewer Ratings:

Minus One

Rated: PG13
Director: Jon Osbeck & Marc Wiskemann            Producer:Dino Tripodis
Length: 82 min
Drama | News | War

Friday: 7:30pm – Rotary River Center
Saturday: 5:00 pm – Domenico’s
Sunday: 12:00pm –Rotary River Center  

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Website: Minus One the Movie

A story of three soldiers from the 951st Army Reserve Unit, Minus One follows these men as they prepare to ship off to war. In the final days before they deploy, they each must face their past as they move toward an uncertain future.


Viewer Ratings:

The Monkey Kid

Rated: G
Director: Xiao-Yen
Length: 95 min
Family | Drama


filmmaker on site Friday: 5:00pm – Hendricks Art Center 2  Buy Tickets

filmmaker on site Saturday: 2:30 pm – La Casa Grande  Buy Tickets

The Monkey Kid focuses on the details of a nine year-old girl’s daily life during the Cultural Revolution. In 1970 China’s “intellectuals” had been dispersed to the countryside to “learn from the peasants.” Their children remained in the cities to learn life on their own. Shi-Wei is one of these children, and she survives her family’s fracture by instinctively clinging to happiness; she is a bright light against a dark background. With her parents away she gathers with friends wherever she wants, shows up late for school, tumbles down mountains of gravel, and balances on balconies five stories high. Shi-Wei has dizzying choices. And she slides away from the dull embrace of the Cultural Revolution.

Viewer Ratings: