Filmmaker Introductions 2019

Above The Clouds

Directed by Leon Chambers

Ape Girl

Directed by Cris Siqueira

Back at the Staircase

Directed by Drew Britton

Chasing The Taper

Directed by Mark Allen Davis


Directed by Mark Kerins & Elliot Mayen

Hoan Alone

Directed by Aaron Johnson

Last Summer

Directed by Jon Jones

Leia’s Army

Directed by Oriana Oppice

Light in the Darkness

Directed by Daniel Gartzke


Directed by Caley Wilson

Magnolia & Clementine

Directed by Ashley Shelton

Margo Hoo Couldn’t Sleep

Directed by Raúl Gonzo

My Friend Ingrid | Harlem Vets Project

Directed by Carson Menke, Nicholas Stange


Directed by Andrew Paul Davis

Radium Girls

Directed by Lydia Pilcher & Ginny Mohler

Rendezvous in Chicago

Directed by Michael Smith


Directed by Ben Gustafson

Silicon Beach

Directed by Max Gold

When I Sing

Directed by Robin Uriel Russin

Film trailers are the perfect vehicle for their intended purpose, introducing the film in as compelling means possible and to encourage attendance.

We invite our filmmakers to provide Filmmaker Introductions. These are certainly intended to help encourage attendance as well however, we’re also trying to foster greater person-to-person connection between our guest filmmakers and our BIFF audiences.

We really appreciate getting to know the BIFF filmmakers. And we enjoy a little more insight into the the why of the film and the filmmaker’s intent and connection with their project. We find the Filmmaker Introductions particularly compelling and personable. We offer these to you in the hopes you might as well.

BIFF - Beloit International Film Festival
BIFF | Beloit International Film Festival