The BIFF Experience

Filmmakers Attending

Sure, we can all enjoy great film at the theater, at home, on our computers and mobile devices. Where though do we get the opportunity to actually meet and speak with the filmmakers about the film we’ve just experienced together? For most of us, much our film experience is often solitary and passive. But not here.

Here at BIFF, it’s a shared experience with other audience members and frequently with attending filmmakers. How cool is that? It’s one of the very best aspects of the Beloit International Film Festival experience.

And our guest filmmakers? BIFF is routinely complemented for its smart and engaged audiences. It’s something filmmakers particularly appreciate when screening their work.

See “Filmmaker Attending” below for which films will have filmmakers in town. Be sure to stick around for the Q&A following the screening. You’re in for a special treat.

Film Title / Event TitleSubmission CategoriesGENRESubtitlesRatingShort SlotFilmmaker
A General AuditionNarrative ShortComedyPG-13WI/IL Shorts (3)
A GiftNarrative ShortExperimentalPGWI/IL Shorts (3)YES!
Above the CloudsNarrative FeatureDramaR
AinhoaNarrative ShortDrama,Social,ThrillerYesRExistence of Mattering
Alaska is a DragNarrative FeatureComing of AgeR
Alice and LewisNarrative ShortFantasy,DramaPGLive Laugh LoveYES!
Alligator HunterNarrative ShortAnimationPGWI/IL Shorts (1)
AmalNarrative ShortDramaPGCultural EquityYES!
American LettersNarrative ShortDramaPGLive Laugh Love
And...SeenNarrative FeatureDisability,inspirationalPG-13YES!
Ape GirlDocumentary FeatureOffbeatYesPG-13YES!
Back at the StaircaseNarrative FeatureDrama,ComedyPG-13YES!
Backup - TheNarrative ShortHorror,ComedyRWI/IL Shorts (1)YES!
BagheeraNarrative ShortDramaPG-13Existence of Mattering
Banana SeasonNarrative FeatureDramaPG 13YES!
Black MotherDocumentary FeatureHistory,SocialR
Black Tie - TheNarrative ShortExperimentalPG-13WI/IL Shorts (1)YES!
Building Shelter TempleDocumentary ShortDocumentaryPGWI/IL Shorts (2)YES!
CarrascaDocumentary FeatureBiography,WomenYesPG-13YES!
Chasing the TaperDocumentary FeaturesportsPGYES!
Chi-TownDocumentary FeatureTrue Story,ChicagoPG-13
Comet - TheNarrative FeatureDrama,RomanceYesPG-13
CorvusNarrative ShortSci-FiPG-13WI/IL Shorts (3)
Cultural Equity Shorts
Deany Bean is DeadNarrative FeatureDrama,ComedyPG-13
DecisionNarrative ShortAnimationPGWI/IL Shorts (1)YES!
Declines With RegretNarrative ShortDrama,CrimePG-13WI/IL Shorts (3)YES!
Deer LightsNarrative ShortDrama,SurrealistRWI/IL Shorts (1)YES!
Dempsey the Diabetic SuperheroDocumentary ShortHealth ,SportsPGKids' Saturday Morning
Double Eagle RanchNarrative FeatureDrama,ComedyMA
Double ExposedDocumentary ShortDocumentaryPG-13PAIRED SCREENING
Down on luckNarrative ShortComedyYesRLive Laugh Love
Dumb Cat - TheNarrative ShortDramaYesRPAIRED SCREENING
EchoesNarrative ShortDrama,Sci-FiPGWI/IL Shorts (2)
Eternal WinterNarrative FeatureDrama,RomanceYesR
Existence of Mattering Shorts
FamilyNarrative FeatureDramaYesMA
Fashion Show - TheNarrative ShortComing of AgeGLive Laugh Love
Feeling of Being Watched - TheDocumentary Featurediversity,IslamicPG-13
Follow the RosesNarrative ShortFamily,Drama,BiographyPG-13WI/IL Shorts (2)
Four EyesNarrative ShortAnimation,Fantasy,RomanceGKids' Saturday MorningYES!
GingerNarrative FeatureDrama,healthcareRYES!
Gloria Talks FunnyNarrative ShortDrama,ComedyRWI/IL Shorts (1)
Godspell Sing-A-LongSPECIAL EVENT
GoliathNarrative ShortDramaPG-13PAIRED SCREENING
Grandpa's GetawayNarrative ShortDrama,ActionPGWI/IL Shorts (2)YES!
Guardians - TheDocumentary FeatureTrue Story,Senior/AgingPG-13
Guest Artist
Narrative FeatureDramaPG-13YES!
Harlem Vets ProjectDocumentary FeatureHistoricalPG-13YES!
Haze: It's ComplicatedDocumentary FeatureEnvironmental,Science-BasedYesPG
HelenDocumentary ShortDocumentaryPGPAIRED SCREENINGYES!
HeliosNarrative ShortExperimentalPGWI/IL Shorts (3)YES!
Hello Girls - TheDocumentary FeatureTrue Story,MilitaryPGYES!
Hey DebNarrative ShortComedy,DramaPG-13WI/IL Shorts (3)YES!
HillbillyDocumentary FeatureHistory,AmericanaPG-13
Hoan AloneDocumentary ShortAnimation,DocumentaryRWI/IL Shorts (2)YES!
I want to live in the ZooNarrative ShortAnimation,ComedyYesGKids' Saturday Morning
IdolNarrative ShortDramaYesPG-13PAIRED SCREENING
In the Name of Your DaughterDocumentary FeatureWomen,AfricaYesPG-13
Kid's Sat Morning Shorts
Lake Michigan MonsterNarrative FeatureComedy,FantasyPG-13YES!
Last Call
Narrative FeatureDramaPG-13YES!
Last SummerNarrative FeatureDramaR
LayamNarrative ShortDramaPG-13Existence of Mattering
Legend of Swee' Pea - TheDocumentary FeatureDramaR
Leia's ArmyNarrative ShortComing of Age,DramaPG-13WI/IL Shorts (2)YES!
Light in the DarknessDocumentary Featurehealthcare,mental healthPG-13YES!
Little Boy RoyNarrative ShortExperimental,ComedyPG-13WI/IL Shorts (3)YES!
Live Laugh Love Shorts
LiyanaDocumentary FeatureAfrican American,YouthPGYES!
LubaNarrative FeatureDrama,SuspensePG-13
Lunch TimeNarrative ShortDramaPG-13Cultural Equity
Magnolia & ClementineNarrative ShortDrama,ComedyPG-13PAIRED SCREENING
Major ArcanaNarrative FeatureDramaRYES!
ManlifeDocumentary FeatureHistorical,cultPGYES!
Margo Hoo Couldn't Sleep!Narrative ShortAnimation,Family,FantasyYesPGKids' Saturday Morning
Masses - TheNarrative ShortSci-Fi,ThrillerPG-13WI/IL Shorts (3)YES!
Meet Uncle PaulDocumentary ShortDocumentaryPG-13WI/IL Shorts (2)YES!
MiretteNarrative ShortFamily,AdventurePGLive Laugh Love
My First and Last FilmDocumentary FeaturePG-13YES!
No Friends But The MountainsDocumentary ShortDocumentary,HistoricalYesPGPAIRED SCREENING
OblivionNarrative ShortDramaYesPG-13Cultural Equality
OlympiaNarrative FeatureDrama,RomanceRYES!
Once AlwaysNarrative ShortDramaYesPG-13Existence of Mattering
One Small StepNarrative ShortAnimation,Drama,ComedyYesPGKids' Saturday Morning
Oracle - TheNarrative ShortComedyPGWI/IL Shorts (3)YES!
PalaceNarrative FeatureDrama,ComedyRYES!
Providers - TheDocumentary Featurehealthcare,Senior/AgingPG-13YES!
Radium GirlsNarrative FeatureDramaPG-13
Rendezvous In ChicagoNarrative FeatureComedy,RomanceRYES!
River to the HeartDocumentary FeatureEnvironmentalPGYES!
Rodents of Unusual SizeDocumentary FeatureOffbeat,AmericanaPG
SearedDocumentary ShortDocumentaryPGWI/IL Shorts (2)YES!
ShootballDocumentary FeatureReligion,AbuseYesRYES!
SILENT FILM - THE KIDNarrative Short
Silicon BeachNarrative FeatureDrama,ComedyRYES!
Silicone SoulDocumentary FeatureRomance,SocialRYES!
Silver LakeNarrative FeatureComedyRYES!
SnailNarrative ShortDramaPG-13Cultural Equity
Sunset SongNarrative ShortExperimentalPGWI/IL Shorts (1)
Three Days in the HoleNarrative ShortDramaPG-13Cultural EquityYES!
Through the Eye RootNarrative ShortComedy,HorrorRWI/IL Shorts (3)YES!
TomorrowlandNarrative ShortDramaPG-13WI/IL Shorts (1)
Narrative FeatureRomance,ComedyYesRYES!
VetsRoll 2018Documentary ShortDocumentaryPGPAIRED SCREENINGYES!
VoxgirlNarrative ShortDark Comedy,MusicPG-13Existence of Mattering
Water Will Carry Us Home - TheNarrative ShortAnimationPGWI/IL Shorts (1)YES!
What Lives Under the BedNarrative ShortFamilyPGKids' Saturday Morning
When I SingNarrative FeatureBio-picPG-13YES!
WI / IL Shorts 1
WI / IL Shorts 2
WI / IL Shorts 3
Wild HoneyNarrative FeatureRomance,ComedyRYES!
Documentary FeatureSocial,WomenYesPGYES!

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