Filmmaker Introductions 2018

60 Yard Line

Directed by Leif Gantvoort

A Pact Among Angels

Directed by Richard Angers

Calvin’s Story

Directed by Quinn Wilson

Empty Space

Directed by James Choi

Father and Son

Directed by Luong Dinh Dung


Directed by Tyler Savage

No More Things

Directed by Tobias Bechtloff

Sherman Park Rising

Directed by Andrew Gralton & Tia Richardson

Song of Sway Lake

Directed by Ari Gold

Sunset Contract

Directed by Marc Conen

Tater Tot & Patton

Directed by Andrew Kightlinger

The Barn Raisers

Directed by Kelly Rundle

The Fawn

Directed by Jennida Chase & Hassan Pitts

The Winkles

Directed by Alice Vial

Thrill Ride

Directed by Chris Parrish


Directed by Monika Petrillo

Film trailers are the perfect vehicle for their intended purpose, introducing the film in as compelling means possible and to encourage attendance.

We invite our filmmakers to provide Filmmaker Introductions. These are certainly intended to help encourage attendance as well however, we’re also trying to foster greater person-to-person connection between our guest filmmakers and our BIFF audiences.

We really appreciate getting to know the BIFF filmmakers. And we enjoy a little more insight into the the why of the film and the filmmaker’s intent and connection with their project. We find the Filmmaker Introductions particularly compelling and personable. We offer these to you in the hopes you might as well.

BIFF - Beloit International Film Festival
BIFF | Beloit International Film Festival