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BIFF Cares 2022

BIFF CARES, a centerpiece of the Beloit International Film Festival for the past decade, will once again this year present a series of informative and compelling independent films that shed light on health and wellness issues.

Halfway To BIFF 2022

“Halfway to BIFF” To Be Part of Beloit’s Biggest Weekend. It’s been a strange year, so why not present BIFF in August? The Beloit International Film Festival is a year-round effort and August is about halfway to the BIFF 10-day winter festival. Sounds like a good excuse for a celebration.

BIFF Stew — June 2021

It is time to wish Happy New Year to the Beloit International Film Festival. The Month of May annually marks the transition to planning for the coming year. The 17th season of BIFF will be all about the return to in-person screenings and new films, venues, and audiences.

BIFF Stew — May 2021

HERE WE GO AGAIN….and It’s just what you’ve been waiting for. Thanks to all who have worn their masks and stayed physically (we hope not too socially) apart, IN-PERSON BIFF is back….big time. Audiences are already giving it a hearty two thumbs up. BIFF Year ’Round is up and running with films in the excellent new Downtown Beloit Association venue at 557 East Grand Ave.

BIFF Stew — April 2021

In case you haven’t noticed…WOW, what a year this has been…and what an interesting and successful Beloit International Film Festival we have just completed. We learned new approaches (some of which may have a permanent place in the BIFF Bag o’ Tricks), we gained new and distant viewers, and we got high praise from the filmmakers. Most critically, we broke even and secured our future.

In Memory | Dave Lundahl

Dave Lundahl was an original. He never stopped creating and sharing his complicated and provocative art with the public, whether over late-night animated conversations in town or at New Light Studios at his rebuilt Beloit farm where he died in January.

News Release | Snappy! BIFF 2021 Honorary Chair

Snappy, beloved mascot of the Beloit Snappers for decades, will begin his “Farewell Tour” in February as Honorary Chair of BIFF2021. He will join a long and distinguished list of filmmakers and promoters in that hallowed post.

BIFF Stew — February/March 2021

It is time to BIFF!
What a year it has been, and what a film festival we are going to enjoy. Feb. 19 is around the corner so reserve your seat (on the couch) and check the popcorn supply.
BIFF is playing in the big leagues this season. Our competition is international. From Cannes to Sundance, the world’s major film festivals are all virtual. We are proud to say that the same technology facilities that support those major festivals are also behind the production of BIFF. We are uploading films as we speak.

BIFF Stew | July/Aug 2020

July is upon us and nothing says summer like a trip to the drive-in. BIFF never skips a beat, so see how the BIFF drive-in experience is coming to you.

Kids@BIFF 2020 Gallery

For the eleventh straight year BIFF, in partnership with the School District of Beloit, presents its annual Kids@BIFF – BIFF Classroom.

Downtown Street Lamp Banners

Leading up to and through the festival this season, attendees will likely notice a little additional Downtown Beloit BIFF Bling. Beloit BIFF Bling. Rolls off the tongue nicely, yes?