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Student Filmmaker Showcase 2014

DATE:  Sunday Feb 16, 2014 TIME:  12:00 pm LOCATION:  Domenico’s PRICE:  $8 adults, $5 students   Tickets Note: $5.00 Student Price tickets not available online. Availabe at Box Office or Venue w/ student ID. Welcome Students! The Beloit International Film Festival is once again proud to welcome student filmmakers to be a part of BIFF 2014’s […]

Short Slot 1

Thursday:  2:30 pm – Bushel & Peck’s Friday: 6:30 pm – Cheese People/ Nikki’s Café Saturday:  6:30 pm –  Speakeasy 2 Saturday: 4:00 pm – Katie’s Cup Luminaris Category: Short Film Country: Argentina, Spain Language: Rating: G Runtime: 6 min. Director: Juan Pablo Zaramella Producer: Sol Rulloni In a world controlled and timed by the light, a common man has a plan that […]

Short Slot 2

Thursday: 12:00 pm – Domenico’s Friday: 9:00 pm – Cheese People/ Nikki’s Café Friday: 11:00 am –  Rock County Historical Society Saturday: 4:00 pm – Hendricks Art Center Megumi’s Workout?     Category: Short Film Country: USA Language: English Rating: PG Runtime: 5 min. Director: Scott Adams Producer: Scott Adams Megumi is a young girl who is very hungry, but she is also […]

Short Slot 3

Thursday:  10:00 pm – Bagels & More Friday: 1:30 pm –  Rock County Historical Society Saturday: 6:30 pm – Cheese People/ Nikki’s Café Lifted Category: Short Film Country: USA Language: English Rating: PG Runtime: 5 Director: Zachary Goldberg Producer: Sarah Sellman LIFTED tells an ethereal story of a fleeting kinship formed between two lonely children. Sara (Beatrice Miller) makes a fascinating discovery when a boy […]

Short Slot 4

Friday: 6:30 pm   –  Hendricks Art Center Saturday: 4:00 pm – Cheese People/ Nikki’s Café Extraction     Category: Short Film Country: USA Language: English Rating: PG-13 Runtime: 11 Director: Stephen Pickering Producer: Stephen Pickering After successfully completing their mission, two soldiers suddenly find themselves trapped behind enemy lines when their chopper is shot down. Having been given their new extraction point, their sole […]

Short Slot 5

Thursday: 7:30 pm –  Cheese People/ Nikki’s Café Friday: 4:00 pm – Bagels & More Distance Category: Short Film Country: USA Language: English Rating: PG-13 Runtime: 2 Director: Sang Joon Kim Producer: Sang Joon Kim Everything about ‘Distance’ started from my own experience. It’s about me, my brother and my father. The relationship between my brother and my father has been always terrible. […]

Short Slot 6

Thursday: 2:30 pm  –  Hendricks Art Center Friday: 6:30 pm – Speakeasy 2 Saturday: 9:00 pm – Domenico’s La Mirada Perdida Category: Short Film Country: Argentina, Spain Language:  Rating: PG-15 Runtime: 11 Director: Damian Dionisio Producer: Osom Films Website:  La Marida Perdida Argentina, 1976. Claudio is forced to live with his family in hiding, due to his political ideals. Runner Category: Short Film […]

Short Slot 7

Friday:  1:30 pm –  Bushel & Peck’s Saturday: 9:00 pm – Wilson Theater Sunday: 5:00 pm – La Casa Grande Goodbye, Cruel World Category: Short Film Country: Australia Language: English Rating: R Runtime: 15 Director: Adrian McFarlane Producer: Jonathon Miller George stands at the edge of a tall building, ready to throw himself off when he is interrupted by a quirky young […]

BIFF Heading Out To Sea

Well, first it’s headed to the Chicago Boat, Sports & RV Show.

Working in cooperation with Paddle and Trail, the largest adventure sports outlet in the region. BIFF will be joining “Paddlefest” at the Chicago Boat Show – the biggest boating event in the Midwest at McCormick Place Jan. 9 – 13th.

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BIFF applauds emerging area filmmakers

Corrina Crade – CRADEmade Entertainment

In the ongoing effort to expose emerging area filmmakers, BIFF would like to introduce its fan base to writer, producer, director and actor Corrina Crade of Madison, WI. Corrina is currently completing work on a new feature-length film entitled “Oranges”.

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BIFF Moment | Mobile App? Heck yeah!

Hey. How about a BIFF Mobile App for this season’s BIFF? We’re talking with Jordon Potter from Eventbase about providing a mobile app for this season’s BIFF. Like the idea? Well, stay tuned. Coming to a Wisconsin Film Festival near you.

BIFF 2013 Announced

Eighth season marks expansion

The Beloit International Film Festival will mark its eighth season Feb. 14-17, expanding this year to more than 15 venues in Beloit, Janesville and Rockford.

“The quality and the quantity of the films submitted this year has been outstanding,” according to the founding executive director of BIFF.

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Consider the Conversation A documentary on a taboo subject. Friday: 6:30 pm  – Eclipse Center Sunday: 2:00 pm  –  The Armory  Category: Feature Country: USA Language: English Rating: Runtime: Director: Terry Kaldhusdal, Michael Bernhagen Producer: Burning Hay Wagon Productions Website: Consider The Conversation Facebook:  Consider The Conversation This Years Event A panel of filmmakers and community leaders concerned with end-of-life issues will […]

Your feedback please

We’re working hard to make BIFF as wonderful as possible for you. As such we’d love to hear from you. What you liked, what you didn’t and what we could do to make it even better for you?


Posted – Feb. 11, 2012

In one of the first programs of its kind, the Beloit International Film Festival will present American Sign Language Films as part of the new BIFF for the Deaf program on BIFF Sunday, Feb. 19. Two family friendly films rated PG will feature actors using American Sign Language.

Martian Child

Friday: 7:30 pm – Rotary River CenterBuy Tickets
Saturday: 5:00 pm – Hendricks Art CenterBuy Tickets


Genre: Drama
Country: USA
Rating: PG
Runtime:  106 minutes
Director: Menno Meyjes
Produced By: New Line Cinema
Stars: Bobby Coleman (BIFF 2012 Honorary Chair), John Cusack, Amanda Peet

The Last Song

Friday: 5:00 pm – Eclipse CenterBuy Tickets
Saturday: 7:30 pm – Rotary River CenterBuy Tickets


Genre: Drama
Country: USA
Rating: PG
Runtime:  107 minutes
Director: Julie Anne Robinson
Produced By: Walt Disney Studios
Stars: Bobby Coleman (BIFF 2012 Honorary Chair), Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth, and Greg Kinnear

Beloit Tweens Become Movie Critics

Posted – Feb. 5, 2012

Beloit International Film Festival offers 5th graders the chance to learn the art of movie critiquing.

BIFF, in partnership with Kid’s First, is presenting film-critiquing workshops with area 5th grade students. They will be held Tuesday, February 14th and Wednesday, February 15th at the Eclipse Center in Beloit. This program teaches students about reviewing films in an effort to develop more educated and discerning film viewers in area youth.

Harold Lloyd 1927 Silent Film Classic with BJSO

Posted – Feb. 5, 2012

The Beloit International Film Festival signature event, the perennially sold-out M&I Bank and M&I Wealth Management Silent Film Showcase will once again demonstrate the staying power of film on Saturday of BIFF Week, Feb.18 at the Eclipse Center in Beloit. This year’s feature, accompanied by the Beloit Janesville Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Robert Tomaro, will be the 1927 Harold Lloyd film classic, The Kid Brother.


Posted – Jan 1, 2012

It’s a new year and we’re proud to debut the new BIFF website for the 2012 season.
Welcome! C’mon in. Look around. Check us out. 

Here is where you’ll find everything you need to know about this years Beloit International Film Festival.