Panel Discussion with Melissa Houghton

Beloit College Graduate and
Executive Director, Women in Film & Video
Washington D.C.

Saturday, March 2, 2:30pm
Rooftop Room at the Hotel Goodwin
FREE Event — Limited seating, arrive early

As part of its celebration of Women In Film, you are cordially invited to attend a special event that features an expert in the field, a friend to female filmmakers everywhere, and quite notably…a 1981 graduate of our own Beloit College!

Women in Film & VideoPanel Discussion

— Saturday, March 2nd. 2:30pm
— Rooftop Room, Hotel Goodwin
— Tickets… FREE!

The event takes place on Saturday March 2nd at 2:30pm in the Rooftop Room at the Hotel Goodwin. Melissa will be conducting a panel discussion. The panel will include women whose films are being screened at BIFF 2019. Seating is limited, so arrive early. We strongly encourage all filmmakers in town for the festival to attend!

Presented By: Anonymous Donor

Melissa Houghton | Executive Director, Women in Film & VideoMeet Melissa Houghton

Melissa Houghton is the Executive Director of Women in Film & Video of Washington, D.C. – a nonprofit organization that supports women in the independent film industry by promoting equal opportunities, encouraging professional development, providing a network of information, and educating the public about women’s creative achievements.

She has been on the WIFV team since 2005, promoting talented women for leadership positions and bringing resources to independent film production. Among her many impactful contributions is WIFV’s Image Makers Program, which teaches high school students how to research, write, produce, direct, and edit public service announcements in support of nonprofit organizations. Melissa has experience in national outreach and supporting PBS-format documentaries reach national audiences and generating community engagement across the country. Her work ethic is unparalleled as she tirelessly promotes ideas, films and women filmmakers.

A Women in Film Celebration!

Greg Gerard | Beloit International Film Festival

2019 celebrates Women In Film by identifying the works of women filmmakers and by holding an open forum where women… and men…can gather to discuss this phenomenal ascent of gender in film.

Look for the symbol indicating that this film has a theme that is focused on a strong female presence, or was made by, directed by, produced by, written by…controlled by…WOMEN!

Women in Film

My personal thanks to all those women who have brought a wealth of amazing work to Beloit screens this year. I look forward to meeting you, and talking with you…and listening to you.

Greg Gerard
BIFF Artistic Director

Ana Kelly | Beloit International Film Festival

Honestly, this year we hadn’t recognized the outpouring of women filmmakers until selections were finalized based on merit and we reflected back. Kismet? As a small tech business owner myself and mother of nine including three young women, I’m keenly appreciative and supportive of women’s professional accomplishments and civic contributions.

I feel very fortunate that I’m able to be a part of BIFF this year in particular as we celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of our women storytellers.

Ana Kelly
BIFF Board President

The BIFF 2019 Women Film Directors

Women’s Perspective as Central Theme

Feature Length Films

Women’s Perspective as Central Theme


Women as Central Character

  • Above the Clouds
  • And… Seen
  • Back at the Staircase
  • Deany Bean is Dead
  • Double Eagle Ranch
  • Eternal Winter
  • Family
  • Ginger
  • Silicon Beach
  • When I Sing
  • Wild Honey
  • The Feeling of Being Watched
  • Hillbilly
  • Liyana
  • Three Days in the Hole
  • Lunch Time
  • Amal
  • Oblivion
  • Once Always
  • Voxgirl
  • Four Eyes
  • Margo Hoo Couldn’t Sleep!

Films with Women Producers or Writers

BIFF - Beloit International Film Festival
BIFF | Beloit International Film Festival